Quantum Trading Indicators Essentials for NinjaTrader

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This product includes all the following indicators for NinjaTrader 7/NinjaTrader 8:

  • Tick Speedometer Indicator
  • VPOC (Volume Point of Control) Indicator
  • Live Camarilla Levels Indicator
  • Renko Optimiser Indicator
  • Trend Monitor Indicator
  • Trends Indicator
  • Dynamic Price Pivots Indicator
  • Dynamic Accumulation and Distribution Indicator
  • Dynamic Volatility Indicator

The package of Quantum Trading indicators can be described in three words. Dynamic risk indicators. Every indicator has been designed with this objective in mind. To help you identify and quantify the risk on each trade, every step of the way. From start to finish. And more importantly – in real time. That’s why we call them dynamic! First comes the risk of taking the trade. Is it high, medium, or low?

Then the hard part begins. Managing your trade through the ups and downs of market price action. This is where the dynamic Quantum Trading indicators help you manage your emotions, and maximise your profits, keeping you in, but safe. And all the time, monitoring and measuring risk for you, and then displaying this clearly.

Finally, when it’s time to exit, the Quantum indicators kick in again, signalling the end of trends, or the reversals of a currency, and telling you loud and clear – it’s time to go. And from there – it’s simply a repeat process, over and over again, as you watch your trading account grow and grow over time.

Invest in the full set now.

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The NinjaTrader platform is a sophisticated trading tool used by many traders around the world – so why should your indicators not be as sophisticated and expertly? The Quantum Trading indicators provides the most essential tools for trading various instruments – assessing risk leading to consistency thus resulting to profitable trades. This is the mantra for building a healthy and growing trading account.

In trading, there are only two risks to consider:

  • The financial risk
  • The risk on the trade

The first is easy and dealt with as part of your risk and money management. The second is much more difficult to assess. This portfolio of indicators, has been designed with one objective in mind. To address the second of these. In other words, to help you assess, quantify, and manage the risk on the trade from start to finish.

Getting in with tick charts

Quantum Trading brings you one of the core indicators that you should have in your trading arsenal – a must for professional traders. The Quantum Tick Speedometer introduces you to trading with tick charts, opening a whole new world of trading opportunities and possibilities. Now, trading tick charts may seem tricky as you don’t have ANY idea which is the most appropriate number of ticks to create charts with. The Quantum Tick Speedometer effectively converts time charts to tick charts, solving the relentless problem of choosing the RIGHT tick chart to trade on.

Staying in

Staying in is the hardest part for most traders. The market never moves higher or lower in a straightforward way. Pullbacks and reversals are part and parcel of every move. But this is where emotional trading decisions can be destructive, both to your confidence and to your account. This is where success lies. If you can ignore these emotions, and continue to hold a position through these phases of confidence, that inner belief, and calm the emotional response. Why? Because they are helping you interpret the price action, and delivering clear and simple m