Currency Matrix Indicator Videos

An introduction to the currency matrix for Ninjatrader

click-here-to-watch-videoThe Quantum currency matrix has been developed to reveal the complete picture across the market in a simple matrix, which works in all timeframes from seconds, to minutes to months. From the eight major currencies come the 28 currency pairs which are then displayed in a table, with their relative strength scores, updated second by second and minute by minute. A score above 0.00 indicates bullish momentum and is displayed in blue, whilst a score below 0.00 indicates bearish momentum and is displayed in red.

Each currency can then be isolated to show the 7 associated pairs and their relative scores using the toggle feature on the currency icon alongside. If all the associated pairs are showing similar strength (either bullish or bearish) then this is either a good time to join the move, or alternatively it may be an opportunity to wait for a reversal in trend as the pair becomes overbought or oversold.
The Quantum currency matrix gives you the tool to see the complexities of the forex market in real time across all the related pairs, along with the strength of the buying and selling. Whilst it is possible to do this manually using multiple charts, what a manual matrix will not provide is any measure of the relative strength. The indicator does this for you automatically by considering the price action across all the related currency pairs and then deriving the relative strength scores accordingly.

The Quantum currency strength indicator and the Quantum currency matrix are the perfect combination. The first gives you the ‘heads up’ on the individual currencies. The second then completes the picture, giving you a three dimensional view across the 28 currency pairs. Together they allow you to assess the probable risk on each and every trade – instantly – giving you the tools to trade every pair with complete confidence.